Sparkling nacres


Those soft and sparkling ultra thin nacres illuminate and give intensity to the look.
Ensure an exceptionnal long-lasting brilliance and do not move on the eyelid fold.
Their loose powder texture is composed with pure shimmering nacres.


The nacres can be applied directly on the eyelid or on the eyeshadow to light up your make up. For a long-lasting make up, first apply Serge Louis Alvarez fixing base.
The nacres can also be used to illuminate the body and cleavage.

1/ Choose a nacre that matches the light shades of your make up

2/ Apply the nacre with the beveled blending brush #35

3/ For a more intense effect, choose a lighter nacre color

4/ Apply this nacre on the brow bone with the beveled blending brush #35

Capacity 2.5g

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