Intense & long lasting colors for a perfect professional matte effect.

A glamourous & trendy look

A highly pigmented lipstick to enhance the lips with intense red adapted to every personnality, every desire.

A comfortable & protective formula, enriched with vitamina E, for a semi-matte finish that will delight every lips.

A perfect mouth in 5 steps :

1. Moisturize / apply the moisturizing lip balm * Serge Louis Alvarez

2. De ne / redefine and correct the lip contour with the special pencil Correctiv Serge Louis Alvarez. Draw the shape of lips on the outside and blend with a lip brush Serge Louis Alvarez # 80 or # R84.

3. Fill in / using the lips brush Serge Louis Alvarez, collect the material and apply the lipstick on top of the lip liner with precise movements. Start with the center and then continue towards the corners.

4. Sharpen / apply the lipstick directly on the lips to maximize the color
and velvety matte finish.

5. Fix / fade and remove the surplus by biting on a handkerchief.

Capacity 3,5g

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