Dermographic lip pencil


Ideal for a precise, intense & long-lasting line!
Its ultra pigmented texture draws a natural contour of the lips.
Ensures a better lipstick hold and prevent it from running out.


Apply the lipstick just bellow the pencil line in order to prevent it from getting into fine wrinkles or fully apply the pencil on the lips for a matte effect.

Lips make up lesson

1/ Redefine the natural lip contour with a corrective pencil

2/ Draw the contour starting from the centre of the lip

3/ Then finish the contour with the at of the mouth.

4/ Join the lines at the centre and on the flat of the lips

5/ Shade off with the Lips brush #80 or #R84

6/ Choose a lipstick in a similar shade or slightly lighter

7/ Start to apply the lips- tick in the centre of the lower lip and shade off to the outer corners

8/ Repeat the same move on the upper lip

9/ Gloss : choose a lighter shade to illuminate the lipstick

10/ Apply a small amount of gloss in the centre of the lips

11/ Shade off with the Lips brush #80 ou #R84

12/ Repeat the same move on the upper lip

13/ Result: lips with reliefs and nuances

1,5g / 15 cm

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