Celebrating Beauty SINCE 1956

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Box 1: Hy-(l (50ml) & Phytoactive (30ml)
The cleaning heroes since 1956. The Cleansing Hero since 1956

Box 2: Rose Toning (30 ml)
A rose appearance on our skin. A Rosy Outlook for Your Skin

Box 3: Collagen Booster Ampullen (3 x 2ml)
Very concentrated beauty elixir. Highly concentrated Beauty Elixir

Box 4: Perfect Separation Mascara (6ml Normal size) Original
lashes, perfect mood. Perfect Lashes, perfect Mood

Box 5: Enzyme Cleanser (20g)
May your day be as perfect as your skin. May Your Day be as flawless as Your Skin

Box 6: Cleanformance Overnight Mask (30ml)
Glowing skin overnight. Radiant Skin over Night

Box 7: Lip Balm (1pcs.)
For lips for kissing. For Lips to kiss

Box 8: SPA Hand Care (30ml)
For your own moments SPA. For Your SPA Moment

Box 9: Reversive Eye Cream (7ml)
For glowing eyes. Makes Your Eyes glow

Box 10: Collagen Booster Cream (50ml Normal size – Original size))
Treat yourself with irresistible skin. Treat Yourself to irresistible Skin

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