Body Hand and Nail Cream


Product Description

What is the Environ Body Hand and Nail Cream? It’s a smooth hand and nail cream that infuses the skin with moisture, while flicking away the excess grease that can give it a noticeable and unhealthy look. Not only does this makes the hands feel much better, it also endows them with a healthier appearance – without the dryness and cracked skin.  It has a very light and elegant fragrance that appeals to users and doesn’t irritate the skin.

Who Can Use It

Environ Body Hand and Nail Cream is formulated to be used by all skin tones and complexions. It absorbs into the skin completely after being massaged, with no residue being left on the surface.

How to Apply

When the weather is warm, use Environ Body Hand and Nail Cream liberally whenever you feel dryness or your skin looks flaky. When the summer months draw to a close and the cooler air starts to dominate, you will likely need to use more cream. It’s important to note that the Environ Body Hand and Nail Cream is NOT a substitute for sunscreen, and when it’s sunny out, should be used in conjunction with an approved SPF-rated sunscreen – such as one from Environ.


  • Provides both conditioning and protection for the cuticles
  • Holds in the skin’s natural moisture when used as directed, and eliminates the flakiness and cracking associated with excess dryness
  • Nourishes the skin and makes it more comfortable to the touch

Key Components

  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E – this is the primary component responsible for the hydration the cream confers on the hands and nails
  • Pro-Vitamin B5
  • Mineral Oil

Because it’s such a useful topical cream and works best when used semi-regularly throughout the day, it is recommended that the Environ Body Hand and Nail Cream be carried in a purse or handbag for easy access.

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